One of our customers, Danie from Johannesburg, was in Cape Town recently and posted this blog*:

I was at the Design Indaba in Cape Town last week and took the opportunity to visit some of the local vinyl dealers while I had the chance and what a jol that turned out to be.

I visited Revolution Records in Observatory, very nice vibe, good selection of records including new pressings from the UK. Saw some limited edition pressings of Nick Drake there, a japanese pressing of Yellow Submarine, some Sheffield Labs pressings and even a Nautilus Half Speed Master!

Then went up into town to Mabu Vinyl. Great vibe, interested staff. Jam-packed though so you need to spend a bit of time to look through stuff properly. Picked up a copy of the Guy Buttery limited edition vinyl release, mine is No. 118/300. This is a great record and highly recommended, very chuffed with this one!

Then I spotted ‘Die Blou Trommel”… This is a selection of really great records in mint condition, set aside for the more serious okes. Above it was a little sign suggesting you ask if you would like to see more (see picture…).

Turns out that Jacques and Stephen, who co-own Mabu, have an extensive ‘Blou Trommel’ selection in the basement of Stephen’s house in Oranjezicht, up the road from the shop. One can phone and arrange to go and spend some time looking through what I thought was the most astonishing collection of mint used vinyl I have ever seen – all stored quite aptly in blou trommels. I saw some things there that I have only ever read about, let alone seen!

Make no mistake, it is not the cheapest vinyl you’ll find, but if you are seriously collecting and you’re looking for those special hard to find mint copies to finish your collection, definitely give these guys a call. Then again, bearing in mind what new locally pressed CD’s cost these days it really is not bad at all. I was kind of pissed off with myself for not finding this place first and having spent some of my budget already, but still picked up some nice jazz and blues records here. Guys that know their stuff and nice guys to deal with. Highly recommended and well worth a visit.

For contact details you can Google both these shops. Mabu has it’s own website, Revolution’s wouldn’t come up but the search results will get you their contact details.