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Tiger van der Westhuizen
Spotted in Mabu Vinyl s shop window – Cape Town
(a follow up to their hilarious Kevin Pietersen window display)

Tiger Woods Named Top Athlete of the Decade – That’s what you get for playing good golf and bonking anything with a heartbeat and a pair of Ray Ban aviators. Who needs a beautiful family when you’ve got a cupboard of beautiful trophies and nightclub sluts in every hotel around the world? [espn]

From 2OceansVibe

If there weren’t enough reasons for you to love Mabu Vinyl (2oceansvibe’s vinyl store of choice), this may well be what you’re looking for.

Spotted in their window over the last week:

Spotted in Mabu Vinyl’s shop window..
Enjoy the “Dickhead” sign above the book

You simply CANNOT put a price on that kind of humour.

In a shop window, for God’s sake!

It’s too awesome!

And that’s without even considering our stunning Bubba Gump underbite and ludicrous book title.

Really now, what more do you want from life?

Seeing things like that is like eating chocolate, for me.

I want to lick the shop window.

I may well go and do that today.

[thanks ian]

Seth Rotherham