Letter From Australia

Grant Cassey

July 2014

Hi, I just finished watching the DVD "Searching for Sugarman" and was moved. I originally obtained this album from an old mate of mine who was on leave in Australia from Nam and stayed with me for a short time in 1972 before returning to complete his tour as a chopper pilot. I’d known him since he arrived in Derby, W.A., from Texas. A direct descendant of Davy Crockett, whose family still live in the Kimberley’s. He left this album for me as I’d enjoyed it so much and to this day I love the music. Eventually I lost the album and tried to get a copy, but was told by the record store that it was unavailable in Australia. Many years later I got a copy much to my pleasure. This I copied and handed around to my friends who have all liked it with an awe. By the way many years ago there was an Australian Aboriginal who stood up for the rights of the indigenous people and won pride for his people, and his name was Mabu!