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The 11 Best Things In Cape Town, South Africa Every Music Fan Should Do

While we uncovered some of South Africa’s musical delights in our guide to Johannesburg that metropolis’ music scene is nothing in comparison to Cape Town.

The second most populous city in the country is home to a music scene that is on the verge of something special.

Cape Town has the traits of a successful music city. Small, but also community minded musicians are welcomed into a diverse scene.

As rising musician Petit Noir puts it to Huffington Post, “Because Cape Town is so small, everyone interacts with each other. Whatever you do, you will always feel welcomed. People are very chill”.

“The music scene in Cape Town is very small but diverse. There are lots of bands around. Because of how Cape Town was designed, different areas have different sounds,” says the musician.

Cape Town is small in comparison to Johannesburg, but its size is its blessing. It’s easy to immerse yourself in the city’s music scene just by heading to the CBD where you’ll stumble across the majority of the best venues.

Another promising facet of the city’s music scene is the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival (which made it into our list of the 16 best international boutique festivals). It puts local electronic musicians side-by-side with some of the world’s best.

As the festival continues to grow it will undoubtedly push the city’s music scene further into the limelight.

Cape Town’s international exposure may not have reached further than its starring role in the Oscar winning documentary Searching For Sugarman, but it’s only a matter a time before its up and coming musicians start to make a notable impact on music culture.

Read on to discover our 11 highlights that all music fans should check out in Cape Town.

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