Once a year we at Mabu Vinyl, along with many people around Cape Town, stop and remember our friend and colleague, Leonard Wichtman, the unforgettable Cape Town legend with all the piercings who passed away two years ago.

For many years, Leonard ran Bruce Tait’s Kitsch Collectables, the crazy shop at the bottom of Kloof Street (top of Long Street?) which was next door to Mabu Vinyl’s previous shop down on the corner of Kloof.

With a wide variety of earrings stuck in his torso in every conceivable place from head to toe (and one he was particularly proud of about half-way inbetween), Leonard would always be happy to show anyone them all if they asked, or sometimes even if they didn’t.

Leonard was a charitable angel with a heart of gold who organised parties and collected presents and clothes for young disadvantaged kids in the city.

He was also sometimes a contender for the title of the least polite shop assistant in Cape Town being known to eject anyone he thought was wasting his time, or for other obscure reasons best known to himself.

Leonard was a cheerful guy, always ready to share one of his outrageously racist jokes with anyone in earshot. He was an artist a ballerina, an actor, and one of the most intriguing and unforgettable characters in the city’s history.

And we still remember him fondly!