New Momentum Life ‘Record Shop’ Commercial Filmed In Mabu Vinyl

In response to a number of queries about the new Momentum Life TV ad, Mabu Vinyl has released an official press release (um, this is it…) to confirm that the ad was in fact shot inside Mabu Vinyl.

The television campaign, conceptualised by Draft FCB Cape Town, is the first in a series of the “Its easy to make the perfect choice with Momentum”, and takes place in a retro, packed-to-the-roof record store.

The shopper knows exactly what he wants while the shop owner/expert helps guide him to make his perfect choice.

We like to think that they chose Mabu because that is exactly the kind of service we offer on a regular basis, but we actually suspect it was because they liked Mabu’s “retro-on-acid’ sensitively arranged interior d├ęcor (see pics below).

And, a small point, but shouldn’t “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” be pronounced to sound like “Lordy’ and not “loudy”?

Inside Mabu
Inside Mabu

The Blue Trommel Basement

Mabu Vinyl has opened another two-roomed basement shop in a house in Oranjezicht where we keep all our more valuable and collectable records in a series of Blue Trommels, hence the name….

In the Blue Trommels are a wide selection of international and SA pressings that we sell on eBay, and to private buyers and collectors from all over the world who visit the basement.

We have plenty of LPs, 10″ albums, 7″ singles, 12″ maxis, and rare CDs in stock in the Blue Trommel Basement and customers are welcome to visit, but by appointment only.

While Mabu Vinyl’s well-known shop in Rheede Street will always be filled to the rafters with lots of great records, CDs, DVDs, books, cassettes and other cool stuff, the Blue Trommel Basement is mainly for those vinyl customers and collectors looking for the more collectable and rare and expensive records.

Please contact Jacques or Stephen to arrange a time to visit the Blue Trommel Basement.

Phone: + 27 (0) 21-423-7635