No Friends Of Harry

At Mabu we often get asked for anything on LP or CD by the ’80’s Joburg Goth-rock band, No Friends Of Harry, featuring the famous foursome of Rob McLennan(vocals), Dave de Vetta (bass), Ian Wiggins (guitar), and Annette McLennan on drums.

No Friends Of Harry LPs, in good condition, are pretty rare and we don’t see them coming in very often at Mabu Vinyl.

With regards to CD, until now, the only No Friends Of Harry music available on CD was the RetroFresh compilation called ‘The Present Has Passed – The Best Of No Friends Of Harry’, described as ” the definitive NFOH retrospective and includes all their classic songs”.

‘The Present Has Passed – The Best Of No Friends Of Harry’ CD is available online at

But we are told that three other NFOH albums are now available digitally through Subterania music, courtesy of the band, and Dave from the Subterania label.

The three albums are ‘One Came Running’, ‘Into The Valley’, and ‘Fifteen Seconds’ and you can find out how to get these by either emailing Dave at or through their website at