No Friends Of Harry On CD

No Friends Of Harry

At Mabu we often get asked for anything on LP or CD by the ’80’s Joburg Goth-rock band, No Friends Of Harry, featuring the famous foursome of Rob McLennan(vocals), Dave de Vetta (bass), Ian Wiggins (guitar), and Annette McLennan on drums.

No Friends Of Harry LPs, in good condition, are pretty rare and we don’t see them coming in very often at Mabu Vinyl.

With regards to CD, until now, the only No Friends Of Harry music available on CD was the RetroFresh compilation called ‘The Present Has Passed – The Best Of No Friends Of Harry’, described as ” the definitive NFOH retrospective and includes all their classic songs”.

‘The Present Has Passed – The Best Of No Friends Of Harry’ CD is available online at

But we are told that three other NFOH albums are now available digitally through Subterania music, courtesy of the band, and Dave from the Subterania label.

The three albums are ‘One Came Running’, ‘Into The Valley’, and ‘Fifteen Seconds’ and you can find out how to get these by either emailing Dave at or through their website at

Fixing Warped Records

Roy McBride is a regular customer at Mabu Vinyl and he also runs a very interesting blog, mostly about boats, but with a bit of vinyl info here and there…

He asked us how to straighten a warped LP record and we suggested the old way of placing it between two heavy panes of glass and leaving it in the sun for a while.

Well it seems to have worked well, read all about it here:

With The Beatles

From CKD Boats

I may be from Liverpool but I never did get to see the Beatles at any time but I have met up with Stephen of Mabu Vinyl,the used record shop in Rheede Street in Cape Town.I had told him of some of my original albums bought in Nems,Liverpool,thats about 45 years back now,I still have them,this Beatles album is still in good condition Stephen told me but looks to have been played more on one side than the other?

Stephen at Mabu Vinyl
stephen casts an expert eye on my Beatles record,it seems I have looked after it quite well all these years,bought for thirty two and six shillings around 1965,its worth more now?
The plastic sleeve dust cover says Given free by Nems,its a relic of the days when queues would line the streets outside Nems in Liverpool every time the Beatles brought out a new album.Inside the shop three cash registers were hamering away with piles of records alongside slowly being reduced as we each bought a copy.
Note Mabu Vinyl buys used records and cds if you have any your wanting to trade take them to Stephen.
— Roy McBride