The Mabu T-shirt has been spotted in some strange places all over the world, but this is surely the strangest!

On his website, Dr Julian Bayliss, who is the Programme Coordinator & Analyst on the Valuing the Arc programme, describes himself as follows:

I am an enthusiastic and experienced conservation scientist and landscape ecologist.

Throughout my career I have largely been based in Africa in a variety of countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Mozambique, Madagascar, and South Africa. Throughout this time I have been involved in coordinating scientific expeditions, undertaking biodiversity surveys, establishing ecological monitoring activities, and implementing management incentives.

Most recently I was coordinating a RBG Kew Darwin Initiative project in northern Mozambique and Malawi, which resulted in the discovery of Mount Mabu, the largest rainforest in southern Africa, and a host of new species.

How about that!

They named a mountain after us!

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