Mabu Vinyl and Digital

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It’s a normal, high quality turntable that you can connect to your existing amplifier and speakers …. Or! ….. you can get this and a special pair of speakers that work well with this ION turntable, without needing an amplifier, and you now have a working stereo system to play your records on …….Or!!…. you can just connect this ION Turntable to your PC or Mac or laptop, via the USB port, and you can listen to your records through your PC speakers …… And!!! ….. you can convert the tracks off the record to mp3’s while you are listening!

Price (Inc VAT):

ION Turntable – R1480

Speakers for ION Turntable – R770

Contact Mabu Vinyl at (021) 423 7635 for details……or just come in and have a look!

Or email if you want to order this and you are not in Cape Town, or can’t get to Mabu Vinyl….