Mabu Snake Discovered!!

Julian Bayliss, the bold and intrepid explorer behind the discovery of MountMabu, a previously unknown large patch of rainforest in northern Mozambique, has now discovered a new species of bush Viper snake from Mabu, which was then named after the place – Atheris mabuensis! so there is a Mabu snake – and she’s a beauty (see link below)

It’s The Mabu March Half-Price Sale

The Mabu March Half-Price Sale starts Tomorrow!! on Monday 8 March…….

All our Records, CDs, DVDs, Books, Videos and Cassette Tapes are half their marked price.

However, our second-hand hi-fi equipment, comix, Hot Studs earrings and iconic Mabu T-shirts are the same prices as always, which is still pretty reasonable.

I know it been miles too hot to shop these past few days, but we have these top notch airconditioners keeping our shop, staff and stock cool, so, to misquote Madness, if you’re out there on the street, and you’re beginning to feel the heat, then just pop in to Mabu and find some great stuff to take home and play with in front of the fan…..