Marcia Moon

Hi All!

Here is some info on Marcia Moon, a very talented new singer-songwriter from Pretoria…..

Marcia has some upcoming gigs, and a really excellent CD, called ‘A Gradual Awakening’, out now, and we at Mabu highly recommend both!

If you want to know what she sounds like, please, when you pop past the Mabu Hatfield Stall on Sunday, ask me to play you some tracks off her album, like our favourite called ‘Butterfly’…..

See you soon

Andre Bakkes
082 5568 321
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Mabu is now, also, the largest rainforest in southern Africa

Scientists are hailing the discovery of a patch of rainforest in northern Mozambique as one of the most significant finds in years.

Mount Mabu was unknown to science until a British funded project analysed the area with the help of the Google Earth satellite imaging programme.