Stephen Timm presents Myrid Ambre Live At Mabu Vinyl


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Mabu Vinyl At The New Vintage Market In Cape Town

Mabu Vinyl At The New Vintage Market In Cape Town

There’s a new Vintage Market starting this Sunday (11 October, from 10-4) at the Old Biscuit Mill in Salt River, where the Organic Market happens on a Saturday. Mabu Vinyl will be there with with some crates of vinyl as well as some sale CDs and Cassettes, so look out for us. Tim Parr will be playing some live music as well as part of the opening day’s celebrations……

Music For Creatures At Mabu

Yesterday, in the space of an hour, we sold one lady customer a CD of kid’s songs which she then told us she wanted to use to play to her parrot at home, while she was out, so that it could learn to speak better and improve its vocabulary.

The next customer, an art student from Michaelis, wanted some Barry White music on CD for an art project which, she told us, was linked to the story of some scientists who had used Barry White music to successfully encourage some of their sharks to stop playing hard-to-get and start mating. We also sold her an extra compilation CD of love songs in case the whale-like Mr White didn’t have the desired effect.