Nice New Batch Of Records at Mabu Pretoria

New Batch Of Records at Mabu Pretoria

Hi All Music-inclined Persons in Pretoria!

I was lucky to get a nice new batch of Records which I will be putting out on Sunday.

Here are some of the artists:
John Coltrane
The Waterboys
Michael Urbaniak
Rare Earth
Little Feat
Weather Report
Black Sabbath
Sonny Stitt
Rolling Stones
Uriah Heep
Led Zeppelin
Gary Numan + Tubeway Army
10 Years After
Frank Zappa
Miles Davis
Bob Dylan
Tangerine Dream
The Cult
Marvin Gaye
Brand X
Eberhard Weber

See you Sunday – come early

Mabu Vinyl Pretoria
Hatfield Flea Market – Sunday 8.30 to 3.30

Andre Bakkes
082 5568 321
Mabu Vinyl Pretoria